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Alaska Wilderness Guides


"It's more than just a trip. It's an adventure and a real journey"
Monika Preissl

"I want to thank you again for a wonderful time in Alaska. Your special guiding and of course the nature is still in me as if it was yesterday"
Peter Rossa

"I would like to thank you for for leading the excellent trips through the last years in Alaska. I have great memories of these trips and it took always some time when I got home to find back to the normal daily life. I always recognized your professional work an I look forward to join you again for another tour"
Roland Bhend- Switzerland

"After all our very intensive experiences we had on our trip in the nature of Alaska, I don't really plan to go on holidays where you spend the night in a hotel room!!"
Peter Weber

"You gave us a great experience and 19 wonderful days. It was definitely not our last trip to Alaska."
Uwe Hasbargen

"A magnificent journey, I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Outstanding views, a beautiful river, delicous food and wonderful travelling companions. The guide displayed an excellent blend of profession and knowledge in his work and yet also maintained a great sense of fun and adventure."
Friedel Schwaetter-Copper River Tour

"AWG clients may experience continued interrupted sleep patterns upon returning from wilderness trips. Waking every two hours or so with incessant dreams of gurgling rivers and the desire to sleep outside instead of the uncomfortable bed is not uncommon. Feeling 'out of place' should also be expected.
To cure these problems, please call AWG and schedule another trip."
Bob Hunter-
Canning River

..."yes, it's difficult getting back to
the routine of work. I went fishing this weekend and shared my
pictures--it almost feels like a dream...was I really schlepping that pack
in the endless ash? Was I really surrounded by nine bears fishing in the
river? Is it any wonder I'm already planning a return trip?"
Ingrid Apel- Valley of 10,000 Smokes/Katmai